We're dog friendly!

We're dog friendly!

Customers are now welcome to bring their four-legged best friends to Palace Shopping as the shopping centre becomes a dog-friendly destination.

Until now, the only dogs welcomed at Palace Shopping were assistance dogs. But centre manager Preston Gaddy said all dogs can now visit with their owners.

“Many of our dog-owning customers will enjoy bringing an important member of their family on their shopping trips. A blanket ban was unfair on all the well-trained dogs who like being out and about with their owners.

“This move makes us more inclusive whilst also making life easier for owners who don’t want to – or can’t – leave their pets at home alone.”

We will be shortly be publishing a list of all our stores and food outlets that will also welcome dogs in. In the meantime visitors are encouraged to find out individual store policies for allowing dogs in.

Preston said: “Owners will need to show responsibility and follow the ‘petiquette’ that is displayed on signs around the centre. There are some basic doggy do’s and don’ts – such as always keeping dogs on leads and making sure owners clean up after their dogs.”