Plans submitted for improved public realm

Plans submitted for improved public realm

RivingtonHark, Strategic Asset Advisors for DWS at the Palace Exchange and Palace Gardens Shopping Centres in Enfield Town, have submitted a planning application to Enfield Council that proposes a number of public realm improvements to improve the experience for shoppers.

The proposals include:

  • The replacement of the Palace Gardens paving to be in line with the newer Palace Exchange part of the scheme and complementing the councils own public realm works;
  • New planters, steps and grading in the Square to improve accessibility to Pearsons’ reconfigured entrance;
  • Additional seating incorporated into the design;
  • New movable planting areas to create a dynamic space for activities; and
  • Improved lighting.

If approved the work is expected to commence early in 2024.

Following their appointment as Strategic Asset Advisors in 2022, RivingtonHark have supported existing tenants and increased meanwhile use activity. As part of this, local entrepreneurs are in the process of fitting out the former Top Shop as a virtual reality and education offer, opening on 14th July.

Alongside this, work has been undertaken in parallel with Pearsons to coordinate with their proposed extension as they bring forward separate but complementary proposals for improvements to the Square between their store and Marks and Spencer.

All of this activity will complement improvements being made to the covered mall outside Waitrose and improvements to the existing toilet facilities

Andrew Goodwin, Development Manager at RivingtonHark, said: “We are delighted to have submitted our plans for an improved public realm experience for visitors to Palace Exchange and Palace Gardens.

“Working closely with Pearsons and combined with our plans for enhancements to the covered mall entrance next to Waitrose, what we are proposing will ensure we deliver a more attractive environment for visitors to the town centre, complementing the improvements undertaken by the Council.

“Looking to the future for the parts of the centres that are no longer fit for modern retail purposes, we are currently working with the Council to look at how they can meet the needs of the evolving town centre through a more diversified range of shops and activities.”